Case Study
Apparel Retargeting

How a Men's Apparel Brand Filled Abandoned Carts with Jeans and Jackets

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This men’s apparel company, which combines east coast prep with west coast casual, looked at direct mail as a fresh channel to test.

They were struggling with their digital efforts in reengaging potential customers who abandoned their carts. This company wanted to test a new channel to better engage these non-converting site visitors.

The Challenge

Reach a higher conversion rate by re-engaging non-converting site visitors.

The Postie Solution

The client uploaded a list of non-converting site visitors; Postie then matched the list to physical home addresses and mailed out a 5×7 postcard.

The client tested one creative and ran a site-wide sale for 5 days.

With Postie’s simplified campaign management dashboard, the advertiser was able to analyze performance as data came through, including conversion rate, average order value and ROAS, all down to the audience and creative levels of the campaign.

By having access to real-time results, advertisers can make informed decisions and adjust their campaigns to optimize performance. This agility not only saves time and resources but also ensures that the message reaches the target audience and resonates with them.


A key feature of Postie’s digital direct mail platform that allowed for deeper conversion rate optimization, was the ability to download a detailed report of the attributed campaign transactions throughout the duration of the campaign window.

Site Visitors CRM Campaign







Postie Features Used
Match Website Visits to Postal Addresses
Transform emails and anonymous website visits into postal addresses, augmenting and maximizing your existing 1st party CRM data & web traffic.
See Results in Real-Time
See campaign performance and results in real-time through customizable KPI dashboards. Toggle views to gain further insights into top performing audiences, creative and consumer personas.
Personalize with Ease
Use dynamic text replacement to easily customize content & maximize personalization (e.g. customer names, individual promo codes).
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