Direct Mail Should Be as Easy, Dynamic, and Fast as the Best Digital Media Channel.

Shhh… Direct mail is the best kept secret in marketing.

We spent the past 15+ years bringing together technology and marketing to help consumer brands discover secret marketing efficiencies and break-throughs. Many of these brands became the products and services you use every day. They disrupted huge markets and took on the brands that had been considered untouchable. Discovering these unknown marketing strategies allowed them to engage customers and rapidly change consumer behaviors. Technology made the formerly impossible possible. Think about how you now buy groceries, shop for homes, hail a ride, or find new jobs.


The marketers who discovered these methods quicker won and those who didn’t continue to this day to lose market share.


You’ve probably noticed that as search, social, email and other digital channels become more mature the first move advantage disappears making it harder to find competitive advantage. We noticed this pattern accelerating over the past 4 – 5 years. We quickly learned from our CMO and marketing friends that we weren’t the only one’s feeling the pain.


It forced us to start thinking outside the box leading us to look for new marketing secrets eventually realizing that direct mail is the best kept secret in marketing.


The problem is that it hasn’t evolved in decades and is just as slow and challenging to execute as it was 30 years ago. So, that frustration led to a simple question…


Why can’t we execute direct mail campaigns as easily and dynamically as search, social and email?


And that question pushed us into our latest challenge …solving the direct mail problem. If you’ve found us, you’ve probably reached your ceiling and breaking point with digital media.


Well, you’ve found the right place and you’re not alone. We are excited you’re here and welcome the opportunity to share the best kept secret in marketing.

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