7 Direct Mail Campaigns
Every Digital Marketer Must Try

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Postie is the leading end-to-end
direct mail campaign platform,
steeped in data science and purpose-built
for empowering marketers with smarter
targeting, simpler execution and stronger
measurement. DTC brands and retailers
have run more than 33,000 campaigns
with Postie with an average ROAS of 1,382%.

What's inside?
Meet your newest Digital Channel: Direct Mail! Savvy digital brands like Warby Parker, Stitch Fix, and Headspace are tapping into Direct Mail to reach new customers and grow their business. Learn about the digital capabilities powering the most successful Direct Mail marketing campaigns and how to get started.

This Free Guide Includes:
Full Breakdown of Direct Mail's Digital Capabilities
Learn how lookalike audiences, A/B testing, and real-time measurement of customer's direct mail response rate have transformed Direct Mail into a digital marketing channel, just like digital ads, Facebook or email.
7 Direct Mail Campaign Ideas to Get You Started
A step-by-step guide into the most successful Direct Mail marketing ideas for prospecting, retargeting, and CRM reengagement.
Ultimate Direct Mail Cheat Sheet
A printable cheat sheet (page 19) with all the direct mail marketing strategy information you need in one place.