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Consumer Goods Reengagement

How a Baby Essentials Company Turned Their Amazon Customers into Brand Loyalists

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Our client wanted to move away from their heavy reliance on Amazon and generate a win-back program that created brand loyalists, was always on and pushed transactions to their owned and operated e-commerce funnel

The Challenge

Generate a win-back program that opened the door for more repeat customers based on their brand experience through Amazon. This marketing campaign would have to be always on and push transactions to their owned and operated e-commerce funnel to create more loyal customers from one-time purchases.

The Postie Solution

As a direct mail partner, Postie would ingest CRM data and target lapsed Amazon customers with a mailer that included a 20% off promo code that would reward shoppers for further purchases on their owned and operated site

Success from their CRM campaign moved the campaign strategy towards an “always-on” campaign that was triggered by the anniversary date of purchase through Amazon (e.g., the customer purchased a baby blanket on Amazon, 60 days later the customer received the postcard with CTA driving to the company’s site).

This marketing strategy increased repeat purchasers, allowed our client to build new customer relationships, and created brand loyalty outside of Amazon’s crowded market of competing retailers.


One “always-on” trigger campaign that delivered a direct mail marketing communication to customers 60 days after their Amazon purchase. Customer retention saw a strong increase and made shoppers more aware of this particular brand.

Reengagement Campaign







Retargeting Campaign







Postie Features Used
Integrate with your CRM
Seamlessly integrate Postie with all major CRM software to automatically activate audiences, set up campaigns and measure conversions.
Personalize with Ease
Use dynamic text replacement to easily customize content & maximize personalization (e.g. customer names, individual promo codes).
Set Up Cross Channel Journeys
Enable automatic triggers for cross channel coordinated deployment between Postie and all other media channels (e.g. FB, Google, email).
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