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Top Reasons Brands And Retailers Choose Postie Over Other Direct Mail Platforms

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by Ambur Cole

Table of Contents:

1. Targeting
2. Full Funnel
3. Simplicity of the Postie Platform
4. Managed Service
5. Speed
6. Unlimited Ad Formats
7. Integrations and Partnerships

Welcome, and congratulations. If you’re reading this it means you’ve already discovered marketing’s best-kept secret (performance direct mail!) and are ready to start accelerating your growth and retention efforts.

Choosing the right Direct Mail partner can be a stressful process, we get it. We want you to feel confident placing your trust in Postie. That’s why in this article we’ll share the features and capabilities that make us a trusted partner for hundreds of brands.

Before we jump into the nitty gritty, we want to start with our core differentiator — our DNA. You see, most other Direct Mail partners hail from the printing world, while Postie’s founding team are all digital natives and performance marketers. Printing, binding and mailing service expertise are important for sure, and we definitely excel there. However, our superpowers lie in Marketing, Data Science, and Technology, and we built our platform around those core pillars.

This laser-like focus on innovation has helped us build a Direct Mail platform that meets the needs of today’s marketers. Running campaigns on Postie is simple, efficient, and as easy — if not easier — than what you’ve come to expect from other digital and social platforms.

If you are a data-driven marketer who wants to accelerate growth, reach new customers, and get measurable results from a platform that knows how to play well with the rest of your marketing stack, you can relax. You’ve come to the right place. We built Postie for you.

Need more convincing? We understand. Based on interactions with a wide range of customers we gathered some of the top reasons they chose, and continue to choose, to work with Postie.

Reason 1: The Targeting

Nowhere does our essence as a data and technology company shine brighter than through our advanced targeting capabilities. Spoiler alert: It’s not because we have access to top-tier data providers such as Epsilon, Acxiom, Experian, and Neustar – truth be told anybody can purchase that data. Our secret sauce is stirred up by an internal team of PhDs who build algorithms and use machine learning stacks to develop models that unlock the power of those data sets. We layer those Postie proprietary models on top of your first-party data sets to create highly customized lookalike audiences that you won’t find anywhere else, because they are bespoke to your brand.

And rest assured, machine learning isn’t just a fancy name – the Postie machine actually learns from every consumer interaction, ad, and conversion event, improving over time. The more we work together the tighter your specific models become as our machine learning algorithms identify the audiences that best convert with your Direct Mail marketing campaigns.

Reason 2: The Full Funnel

You may have already heard, but we offer Direct Mail solutions targeting every stage of the marketing funnel: Prospecting, Retargeting, and Retention. Forget about choosing printing providers who just focus on one stage of the funnel – that just doesn’t make sense, especially when Postie can handle it all.

But the convenience of running all your campaigns with just one trusted partner is only the beginning. Better yet — with Postie all your campaigns talk and learn from each other. Imagine you just ran a retargeting campaign. Not only do you get a ton of new customers, but you now also have the data on the customers who converted. We can now use that data as a seed to build a lookalike audience for a new prospecting campaign. The sum is for sure greater than the parts when you leverage Postie as your direct mail partner for all your campaigns.

Reason 3: The Simplicity of the Postie Platform

Things can get really messy, really quickly with Direct Mail partners. You’ve got to juggle between different Data Providers, Printers, and Agencies while managing it all on custom-made excel sheets. Yikes, who needs that?!

The Postie Platform is a one-stop-shop that does it all for you: build audiences, set up direct marketing campaigns with A/B tests, approve creatives, and track results, in real-time. Think of it as your Direct Mail easy button. If you’ve ever run a Facebook Ad or an Email campaign this platform will feel familiar and that’s no coincidence. Not only that, but when it comes time to track your metrics, you’ll see them smiling right at you through our visual-first KPI dashboard. Easily toggle between views, heat maps, and clean graphs to see the campaigns that are knocking it out of the park, while quickly identifying the areas where we can continue to improve on.

Reason 4: The Managed Service

I am going to step aside for a second and let our clients do the writing.

Postie has been a trusted partner of ours for nearly 3 years. They have helped us scale our business efficiently and have been an important strategic partner for our brand.

Appreciate the Postie team’s willingness to listen to customer needs and adjust the platform (within reason) to meet these requests.

I’ve been impressed with Postie’s account management. They have provided an additional layer of strategy for my client’s campaigns that has resulted in increased performance.

When we can partner with a company, we’re in it for the long haul; company size or budget doesn’t determine the level of support we provide. Every single Postie customer is assigned both an Account Executive and a Customer Success Manager from Day 1, and we take those roles to heart. Plus, we’re not just focused on campaign and operational tactics, we’re all about the strategy around customized test plans and marketing campaign optimization recommendations to maximize your response rate. We invest in long-term relationships and that’s a big reason why all of our customers say they would be comfortable recommending Postie to a friend or colleague.

Reason 5: The Speed

Like we mentioned before, we live and breathe technology. It’s in our DNA. Forget about 2 months to set up and run a Direct Mail campaign (it doesn’t take you 2 months to run a social media campaign, does it?) With Postie, campaigns are up and running fast, just like on digital platforms. Our print network’s tentacles reach every corner of the country, so we’re able to get your pieces in the postal service’s mail stream within 24 hours of approval and in homes within 2 to 3 days.

But our speed doesn’t stop at campaign deployment. We also deliver real-time campaign performance measurement, because we know that’s what you need and expect. With Postie you can instantly track and measure top-performing creatives, so that optimization kicks in within days, not weeks.

Reason 6: The Unlimited Ad Formats (with Insights on top)

We get it, you like to get crazy sometimes. That’s cool, we do too! Mad Libs, Bingo Cards, Magnets, and even a foldable pooper scooper — we’ve done it all. Beyond the traditional Direct Mail piece offerings like a postcard, tri-fold, or catalogue we’re up for any challenge and can customize for any format that you want to test.

That said, strategically we might suggest one direction or another based on our past experience maximizing campaign performance. We will also make sure to track and test all ad formats and see which works best for your customers, but rest assured there is really no limit to how creative we can get!

Reasons 7: The Integrations and Partnerships

Is your e-commerce shop set up on Shopify? Running CRM with Iterable? Email Marketing with MailChimp? No matter how your marketing channel and advertising stack are set up, we know how to integrate with it. We can share and collect data in any configuration. We use the Postie Pixel to track conversions on your website in real time and can accommodate for SFTP Attribution if that’s your preference. Missing data points, such as mailing address? No problem! Our 3rd party data partners handle identity resolution and can even track website visits if your transactions are happening on 3rd party sites.

Regardless of your integration needs, at Postie we’ve got a wide variety of flexible solutions to deliver the goods. But there’s one thing that we aren’t flexible about: our dedication to customer and data privacy. We take data compliance very seriously, abiding by SOC2, CCPA, and HIPAA.

One Last Thought

While we know we may come off a tad confident it’s only because we know we have, hands down, the most advanced direct mail platform on the planet. Hopefully, this piece gave you more insight into why Postie is different and answered the question: What do I want out of a Direct Mail partner? Cheers to making informed decisions and we look forward to working together!

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