Is this your typical day?

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Aside from the endless amount of meetings (yawn!), do you spend your day obsessing over the growing number of unengaged customers, questioning how you’ll maintain and grow customer loyalty, and spend time examining (and reexamining) the KPIs across all your marketing channels? If you answered yes, you’ve landed on the right page.

A CRM Marketer’s Day – to – Day

Action on your unengaged customers, even across channels

Trigger campaigns are a no-brainer for CRM Marketers. The challenge occurs when deciding what triggers will move the needle, especially since that answer can vary depending on your business. For a baby essential company, the sweet-spot trigger happened to live within an anniversary purchase window that occurred on Amazon.

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Grow the LTV of your customers

We all know it’s more cost effective to focus on growing the lifetime value of customers as opposed to acquiring new ones, but that fact doesn’t answer the question of how to turn your CRM into brand loyalists. Learn how to maximize customer retention with direct mail.

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Find out if your media spend is worth it

KPIs are how we track success. But how you measure those KPIs across different channels is where this all gets tricky. We’ve put together a guide explaining how media spend should be measured across all your channels so you can truly track lift.

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First-party data is more important than ever

There’s a lot of talk about first-party data these days with the upcoming deprecation of third-party cookies. The competitive landscape is quickly changing as a result, forcing marketers to rethink their strategies, and shining a light on the importance of CRM Marketing.

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Knowing how to cluster your first-party data is key

Think of Postie’s Clustering capabilities like traditional segmentation on steroids. It’s about gaining insights that can drive more effective, personalized marketing, targeting the exact right audience at the perfect time. Understanding clustering vs. segmentation is a step towards CRM Marketing dominance.

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Clients Who’ve Gone Postie

Accurate attribution tracking for direct mail was non-existent before Postie. The matchback attribution feature is the deal sealer that will make you want this product.

Bobette Wolf
Director of Marketing, Sail Internet

When it came time for TULA to broaden our acquisition efforts into direct mail, our decision to partner with Postie quickly became the obvious choice… A choice that has continued to pay dividends. Their dedication to understanding the nuances of our business have yielded fantastic results.

Jaime Silva
Head of Offline Marketing, TULA Skincare

Postie has been a trusted partner of ours for nearly 3 years. They have helped us scale our business efficiently and have been an important strategic partner for our brand across all new and existing client efforts.

Meagan Fleishman
Head of Growth Marketing, Sakara Life

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