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Postie is the leading end-to-end
direct mail campaign platform,
steeped in data science and purpose-built
for empowering marketers with smarter
targeting, simpler execution and stronger
measurement. DTC brands and retailers
have run more than 33,000 campaigns
with Postie with an average ROAS of 1,382%.

What's inside?
Marketers! Get buy in straight from the top!

The "not in the budget" days are progressively in the rear view mirror now, and modern CFOs are informing and driving strategy by saying "yes" to things like customer retention and acquisition initiatives. Green lights for marketing!

This guide will help you get buy in and the coveted "yes" from your CFO to deploy performance direct mail campaigns that deliver results that you and your CFO will love.

We'll walk you through the key talking points around:

• The value of performance direct mail

• Winning website conversion rates

• Comprehensive customer segmentation

• Serious CRM optimization

• KPIs your CRO will love

• Real-time testing and optimization

Nail your conversation with the C-suite by showing them what they care about most in the way that will resonate best.