Case Study
Retail CRM Optimization

How an Outdoor Retail Brand Utilized CRM Optimization

2 Min Read

Finding the hidden gems of incremental revenue in your CRM isn’t always easy. See how an outdoor retail brand turned pockets of their customer base into unexpected revenue opportunities with the help of Postie’s CRM Optimization tool.

The Challenge

Find a strategic way to combine brand’s internal algorithms with Postie’s CRM Optimization to find incremental purchasers with higher revenue potential.

The Solution

The brand compared Postie’s CRM Optimization audience segment against their own internal CRM algorithm and included holdout segments to determine campaign lift. The CRM Optimization Audience doubled the send volume of the campaign to reach customers more likely to make high-value purchases.

The Results

  • Almost $200 higher AOV with CRM Optimization audience
  • 3951.14% Return on Ad Spend across the entire campaign
  • $275 Average Order Value – higher than previous campaigns
  • CRM Optimization audience performed 3x better than randomly pulling additional CRM contacts into the campaign
Out of this World Results


Incremental Revenue


Incremental ROAS

Postie Features Used
Get Audience Portraits
Access in-depth audience profiles. Acquire a deeper understanding of your customers segments with detailed breakdowns of their most prevalent behavioral and demographic characteristics.
Integrate with your CRM
Seamlessly integrate Postie with all major CRM software to automatically activate audiences, set up campaigns and measure conversions.
Select Attributes from Your CRM
Convert your 1st party CRM data into a working data source to easily build and mail custom audiences from your CRM attributes.
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