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How a Gift Basket Company Increased ROAS and AOV with Performance Direct Mail

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Well-established brands can get bogged down in old-school processes. Being a leader in their space for 15 years, this gift basket company had relied on manual segmentation strategies to target their customers and prospects. They knew there was a better way to accomplish this, so they reached out to Postie to take advantage of our advanced clustering capabilities.

The Challenge

Being a brand that specializes in seasonal gifting services, this client faces the challenge of efficiently connecting with the appropriate customers precisely when needed.

The Solution

The brand integrated their CRM data with the Postie platform so they could not only compare their previously defined segmentation lists, but also take advantage of the machine learning and data science to create clusters that better aligned with who they were wanting to target per event-specific campaign. 

The Postie Platform identified unique clusters within their customer base, each sharing common attributes distinct from other groups. Leveraging this knowledge the brand was able to create highly-tailored campaigns to their unique clusters.

The Results

With this new ability to tailor their marketing strategies for each significant event or season they wanted to target, the brand was able to address each customer cluster with personalized messaging. The brand not only retained their existing customer base (with a positive LTV impact), but also acquired new customers that looked similar to the best customers in their existing CRM. Across their campaigns, the brand has seen an average ROAS of 810% and an AOV of $150. 

Postie cluster isn’t just sorting data; it unlocks hidden potential within each unique customer segment. Clustering allows brands to create more effective and personalized marketing campaigns. Personalization is crucial in today’s oversaturated marketing landscape. Postie’s clustering method presents a potent resolution, enabling brands with data-centric strategies and techniques to enhance their outreach, making it more effective and precise.

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Postie Features Used
Build Custom Audiences
Use industry leading data sets to build custom audiences from 1000s of demographic, transactional and behavioral attributes.
Identify New Customer Segments
Leverage machine learning to analyze 1st party CRM data and identify undetected customer segments. Mail these segments and use them to model new lookalike audiences.
Get Audience Portraits
Access in-depth audience profiles. Acquire a deeper understanding of your customers segments with detailed breakdowns of their most prevalent behavioral and demographic characteristics.
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