Is Your Media Spend Worth It?

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Postie is the leading end-to-end
direct mail campaign platform,
steeped in data science and purpose-built
for empowering marketers with smarter
targeting, simpler execution and stronger
measurement. DTC brands and retailers
have run more than 33,000 campaigns
with Postie with an average ROAS of 1,382%.

What's inside?
Congratulations, you made $200 on $100 ad spend! Here's a 🍪!

But, would you still have made that $200 if you didn't spend the $100?

Not sure how to find out. Our latest incrementality guide explains how we answer that question for some of the best marketers at the biggest brands on earth.

We will walk you through:

• How incremental marketing works

• Why you should care

• Why digital marketing professionals should budget for a variety of marketing channels and a broader target audience

• How to properly incorporate incremental lift into your marketing strategies

• Measuring incrementality to determine your marketing effectiveness through Group A/B testing

• How Postie can support an incremental marketing campaign through digital direct mail

It's a great resource to make sure you're being efficient with your budgets and properly measuring the impact of your media spend.