Case Study
Education Reengagement

How an Education Technology Company Brought Lapsed Students Back To School

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A fast-growing education technology company was looking for creative ways to re-engage with their students.

Only 30% of their business was coming from repeat customers. Already having the data to segment their customer base by grade level and active/inactive status, the client came to Postie to understand CRM campaign capabilities, reporting, and ease-of-use.

The Challenge

Understanding that they have a very cyclical calendar for test preparation opportunities, the client wanted to try direct-mail to remind students and their parents of their award-winning online and mobile platforms.

The Postie Solution

Postie would ingest CRM data and then assign creative by cohort, allowing us to run multiple creatives correlating to the correct prospective offer to re-engage each customer segment (segments were broken out by active status and grade level)

Also allowed for Postie to query and build lists/segments so that we could isolate these audiences and report performance directly in the platform by cohort.

This being the first time using direct-mail as a re-engagement tool, it was important to understand incremental lift. Postie’s holdout capabilities made it easy to deliver this type of analysis.


The Postie platform sent out 2 campaigns, each with two audience segments broken out by grade and active status and 2 variations of offer promoting limited-time offers based on active status

CRM Re-engagement Campaign







Postie Features Used
Select Attributes from Your CRM
Convert your 1st party CRM data into a working data source to easily build and mail custom audiences from your CRM attributes.
Personalize with Ease
Use dynamic text replacement to easily customize content & maximize personalization (e.g. customer names, individual promo codes).
Enjoy Automated Printing
Never worry about printing again. The Postie print cloud identifies the best printers for each campaign, ensuring quality and reducing delivery time.
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