Case Study
Meal Delivery Reengagement

How a Meal Delivery Company Personalized Postcards to Match Their Customer's Tastes

2 Min Read
/ Jan 17, 2021

A wellness company, who delivers organic plant-based meals and healthy products nationwide, wanted to reengage lapsed customers.

They noticed that their customers have different profiles/behaviors and tended to purchase only particular products.

The Challenge

Re-engage customers who hadn’t made a purchase in the last 2-3 months, but have purchased with them before.

The Postie Solution

The wellness company uploaded their CRM lists of lapsed customers of Product A and B.

Purchasers of either product were categorized accordingly as Audience A or B. We were able to ingest the client’s CRM data and assign both creatives to both audiences to test their inclination to buy outside of the norm.

We applied creative weighting and validated addresses via the Postie dashboard.


Targeted 4 different audiences based on the client’s CRM data and ran 2 different creatives promoting 2 different products with special offers (both 20% off).

CRM Cross Selling Campaign







Postie Features Used
Select Attributes from Your CRM
Convert your 1st party CRM data into a working data source to easily build and mail custom audiences from your CRM attributes.
Enjoy Automated Printing
Never worry about printing again. The Postie print cloud identifies the best printers for each campaign, ensuring quality and reducing delivery time.
See Results in Real-Time
See campaign performance and results in real-time through customizable KPI dashboards. Toggle views to gain further insights into top performing audiences, creative and consumer personas.
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