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Footwear Retargeting

How a Global Footwear Brand Automated Its Retargeting Efforts with Postie

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The marketers of a global footwear and accessories brand wanted to use direct mail retargeting automation as a simple way to tap into their site traffic visitors. Having a very batch-and-blast style to their current strategies, they were out to seek new marketing tools that would enable them to reach their targeted audience while allowing technology to automate their deployment process.

The Challenge

Seek new marketing tools that would enable them to automate an ongoing retargeting campaign to reach their target audience of non-converting site visitors.

The Postie Solution

Postie’s Retargeting feature is a marketing automation tool that offers automatic direct mail delivery to potential customers and the ability to set daily caps on reach or budget.

With the capability to track site visitors down to the product category using URL structure, Postie can deploy targeted ads with multiple variations of creative to serve to specific product categories. This enables a much more personalized experience to the mailer recipients.

Learning and adjusting a direct mail campaign with digital marketing agility is a powerful feature that will enable this marketer to ensure money is not left on the table. Postie’s platform allows for real-time reporting on variation testing and optimization that mirrors the flexibility and speed of digital retargeting ads and emails.

Three creatives were assigned to a single campaign, each for a different category in their product line.

First-class 4.25×6 postcards were used for speed to get campaigns in-home quickly.


Postie’s retargeting automation feature was utilized to feed unique promo codes to every website visitor for granular tracking. Specific product URLs were used to tell Postie which personalized ads to send to each potential customer via direct mail.

Retargeting Campaign





Postie Features Used
Match Website Visits to Postal Addresses
Transform emails and anonymous website visits into postal addresses, augmenting and maximizing your existing 1st party CRM data & web traffic.
Personalize with Ease
Use dynamic text replacement to easily customize content & maximize personalization (e.g. customer names, individual promo codes).
Enjoy Automated Printing
Never worry about printing again. The Postie print cloud identifies the best printers for each campaign, ensuring quality and reducing delivery time.
A Mind-Blowing Direct Mail Platform
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