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7 Direct Mail Facts You Didn't See Coming

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by Ambur Cole

This stays between us, Direct Mail is marketing’s best-kept secret. Direct Mail has always possessed unique marketing advantages that other channels can’t offer, and now with Postie, its capabilities are even stronger! Check out 7 facts that will give you a glimpse into Direct Mail’s superpowers.

1. You can’t out-reach Direct Mail

Direct Mail can be sent to every household in America – even one floating on a lake-  making it the highest reaching marketing channel. That translates into an addressable market (+18-year-old) that is ~20% higher than Facebook’s. Case in point. You’ll find customers through Direct Mail that you won’t find on other channels.

2. 17 Days > 17 Seconds

The average lifespan of Direct Mail is 17 days, while the average lifespan of an email is less than 17 seconds. That is a potential, key word “potential”, +24,000 minutes of additional exposure for a printed piece vs a digital ad.

3. Direct Mail is good for the memory 💪🧠

3 out of every 4 consumers can recall a brand after receiving a piece of Direct Mail. However, under 45% of consumers can do the same after seeing a digital ad.

4. Highly targeted lookalike models are a click away

Postie has developed a Direct Mail data management platform that integrates industry-leading data sets with your CRM. The result: Smarter targeting. You can instantly create modeled audience from over 250 million US consumers that resemble your best performing customer segments.

5. Consumers don’t usually abandon their homes

You probably knew that, but did you know that 57% of email addresses are abandoned because the user receives too many marketing emails? Oh, and did you also know that you can reach that 57% through trigger-based Direct Mail retargeting campaigns?

6. He is not the only one ⬇


Almost 70% of people check their mailbox daily and over 80% look forward to seeing what they have received in the mail. Who doesn’t love mail? (Except for bills. And Postie doesn’t send bills.)

7. Real-time attribution & live KPI dashboards have joined the party

Long gone are the days when you’d have to wait months to get results. On the Postie platform, you can track the KPIs that matter (CVR, CPA, ROAS) in real-time, get instant insights and optimize campaigns in minutes, just like you would with any other digital platform.

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