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Apparel Prospecting

Clothing brand sees out-of-this-world results with first Prospecting campaign

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Striving to bring beauty and joy to the everyday, this celebrity-favorite brand knows that wins come quicker with a true omnichannel marketing approach. Heavily successful due to their mainstay product offering, this luxury brand has gained a loyal consumer base. With experience in digital marketing channels, the brand took a leap into digital direct mail marketing after learning the increased success digital direct mail marketing brings to brands.

The Challenge

Find which data pipes would create a high CVR to ultimately grow their brand loyalty and ROAS.

The Postie Solution

Postie was built on data-science and lean heavily into testing and optimization. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms are the secret to prospecting campaign success. Combining our technology with the data pipes of Epsilon and Acxiom allowed this brand to create a look-a-like audience model, targeting high-income households similar to the brand’s loyal consumer base. The brand layered demographic and behavioral targeting capabilities to reach consumers with personal, professional, and financial attributes that were indicative of potential consumers.

By utilizing Postie’s simplified campaign management tool within the Postie UI, the brand had quick learnings at the audience and creative level. Reflecting on the real-time campaign performance dashboard, the brand was able to strategize and kickoff additional campaigns with confidence. 

The brand opted for a trifold postcard,  allowing them to boldly showcase variations of their product. Following the Postie creative template, the brand found ease in designing a beautiful layout that truly captured their aesthetic point-of-view. Relying on Postie’s print cloud network to complete the last mile, the brand was able to quickly review and approve a hard copy of the creative before the campaign hit homes.


Unlike traditional direct mail solutions, Postie utilizes data science and technology typically reserved for digital marketing channels. This approach felt comfortable to the brand as they effectively achieved both performance and brand objectives. By testing our machine learning algorithms in conjunction with both Epsilon and Axciom data pipes, the brand ultimately identified the better data pipes for future campaigns. The immediate success of the brand’s first campaign laid the groundwork for a robust and innovative partnership, where they continue to use our data science and testing expertise to see additional growth.

Prospecting Campaign







Postie Features Used
Create Lookalike Audiences
Use industry leading data sets to build lookalike audiences from your best-performing customer segments.
Select Attributes from Your CRM
Convert your 1st party CRM data into a working data source to easily build and mail custom audiences from your CRM attributes.
Identify New Customer Segments
Leverage machine learning to analyze 1st party CRM data and identify undetected customer segments. Mail these segments and use them to model new lookalike audiences.
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