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Restaurant Prospecting

How a Restaurant Gained New Customers at Several Locations

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Attracting new diners is the ultimate goal for all restaurant chains. Restaurants handle this challenge by offering new dishes, giving discounts, or highlighting promotions around events. In a flooded market of dining choices, restaurants need to be strategic in their outreach and the marketing channels they use. For many restaurants, performance direct mail marketing offers a scientific and personal approach that yields results.

The Challenge

A multi-location restaurant wanted to gain new customers at all of its locations by layering on birthday data. 

The Solution

With several different locations, the restaurant segmented its audiences per restaurant location. Using learnings from previous Postie campaigns, the restaurant targeted people with birthdays in each location with a targeted offer that created more online, pickup, and in-store orders. 

The company used a perforated, plastic mailer to entice recipients to tear off the individual offers ​for convenience. Each tear off had a unique code, making it easy for the company to attribute success of the direct mail campaign to new visitors in their locations.

The Results

  • Overall campaign Conversion Rate 5.43%, peak-location CVR 8.78%
  • Overall campaign Return on Ad Spend 353.40%, peak-location ROAS 602.25%
Out of this World Results


Highest-Performing Locations ROAS


Highest-performing Locations CVR

Postie Features Used
Geo-Target with Ease
Gain full visibility into campaign reach through live heatmaps. Easily Geo- Target or Geo-Fence deployment by selecting from preloaded ZIP codes for every US city, county or state.
Identify New Customer Segments
Leverage machine learning to analyze 1st party CRM data and identify undetected customer segments. Mail these segments and use them to model new lookalike audiences.
Layer Key Life Events
Add layers from specialized data sets to optimize existing or modeled audiences for specific life events (e.g. birthday, new home purchase).
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