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How a Hair Care Company Created Waves by Introducing a New Product to their Best Customers

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This prominent hair care company with strong presence in both online and offline retail channels is known for their approach to innovation which combines science, natural ingredients, and a keen understanding of modern hair needs, resulting in products that deliver reliable and noticeable results consistently and sustainably.

As a result, the brand has established itself as highly regarded by beauty enthusiasts, professionals, influencers and consumers alike.

The Challenge

Bring a new product to market in a creative, multi-sensory, multi-channel approach.

The Postie Solution

A long-time client of Postie already, this hair care company looked to their dedicated Postie account team once again to build an innovative direct mail campaign that would deliver results they’ve come to expect in support of their omni-channel strategy for a new product launch.

The neurological effects of printed media have been well-documented due to the tactile nature of the piece and it’s stickiness in home, highlighting its advantage over digital when measuring ad effectiveness. For this campaign, the team decided to bring a fourth sensory experience that would place the unique scent of their new product directly into hands of new consumers, while delivering a non-scented version to their known high LTV segment. Postie’s exclusive print cloud network and operations experts sourced and solved for the desired form factor and extra-sensory experience.

Using Postie’s dynamic user interface, the client was easily able to accommodate different test strategies to create multivariate campaigns: one targeting current customers with specific interests and behavior attributes around the new product category, one appealing to lapsed customers who had purchased new products previously, and a third to potential new customers to build awareness of the product.

Pro tip: Testing early and often is a must with direct mail–just as you do with digital campaigns–since understanding performance in real-time allows you optimize for a variety of KPIs.

Now, with the creative, testing, audiences, and conversion pixel in place for measurement, the campaign launches with a single click of a button and within 1 business day, our client had proofs of their finished mailers in their hands.


The prospecting campaign spread far and wide, reaching a targeted portion of the Postie DMP of more than 280million households, while the CRM campaign achieved nearly 12X ROAS, 8% CVR and $7.67 CPA over the attribution window.

CRM Campaign






Response Rate

Prospecting Campaign


Response Rate



Postie Features Used
Select Attributes from Your CRM
Convert your 1st party CRM data into a working data source to easily build and mail custom audiences from your CRM attributes.
See Results in Real-Time
See campaign performance and results in real-time through customizable KPI dashboards. Toggle views to gain further insights into top performing audiences, creative and consumer personas.
Benchmark Your Performance
Evaluating account industry, campaign type and seasonality, among other variables, Postie benchmarks your results with similar Direct Mail campaigns. (Beta)
Get Creative Insights
Access aggregate creative analytics by industry, topic and theme. Gain insights into creative best practices that drive higher KPI's. (Beta)
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