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Multi-Touch Holiday Campaign Leads to Success

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When planning for holiday campaigns, it’s important to start early and test often. What works for one brand won’t always work for the next. With the help of Postie’s customer success and data science teams, this home decoration company found the secret to their success was baked into a multi-touch approach.

The Goal

Test multiple campaigns to drive additional purchases from CRM segments without sacrificing overall performance for key tentpole initiatives.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Combine CRM clustering and lookalike audiences, sending a few campaigns during September and October to build awareness (and purchase amounts) leading into the holiday season.

Postie’s data science allows you to find the right audiences for purchases leading up to the holidays. By targeting high and frequent spenders at the same time, through all of Q4, you’re priming them for larger purchases when the holiday season actually arrives. It’s a surefire way to grow your revenue and gain repeat purchases in Q4.

Start early, test often! Run pre-tentpole campaigns to test different data sets and then double down on the best-performing ones during your final push.

October was more targeted to a smaller group, and saw very high results across the board. Upon proving out the repeat mailer worked, it was done again in November, still wielding out-of-this world results across the board.

Postie Features Used
Build Custom Audiences
Use industry leading data sets to build custom audiences from 1000s of demographic, transactional and behavioral attributes.
Benchmark Your Performance
Evaluating account industry, campaign type and seasonality, among other variables, Postie benchmarks your results with similar Direct Mail campaigns. (Beta)
Integrate with your CRM
Seamlessly integrate Postie with all major CRM software to automatically activate audiences, set up campaigns and measure conversions.
A Mind-Blowing Direct Mail Platform
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