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3 Direct Mail Campaigns to Crush the Holiday Season

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by Amanda Boughey

With the holidays just around the corner, here are 3 Direct Mail campaigns that will help you boost sales this holiday season.

1. Lookalike Campaign

GOAL: Attract New Costumers

IN A NUTSHELL: Model lookalike audiences from the best performing customer segments in your 1st party data set (CRM).

WHY IT WORKS: Postie identifies new customers who look just like your best customers. It’s a surefire way to reach and convert customers you aren’t reaching through other channels.

HOLIDAY DIRECT MAIL MARKETING TIP: Run a pre-holiday campaign in Q3 or early Q4 to test different data sets and then double down on the best-performing one.


2. Website Retargeting Campaign

GOAL: Capture Interested Visitors

IN A NUTSHELL: Send direct mail based on website activity like cart abandons, page views, or email unsubscribes.

WHY IT WORKS: These campaigns work so well because they give a meaningful nudge to customers who are already teetering towards purchasing. In addition, the Direct Mail format drives higher conversion rates than email marketing alone, making this a particularly effective tactic for the holidays when email inboxes are overflowing.

HOLIDAY DIRECT MAIL MARKETING TIP: Leverage programmatic triggers to mail based on website behavior. It’s a best practice to target people who abandoned cart or registration, had multiple page views, or unsubscribed from your email.



3. Multi-Touch Direct Mail Campaign

GOAL: Increase lifetime value

IN A NUTSHELL: Revive lapsed customers and turn one-time purchases into repeats with personalized offers.

WHY IT WORKS: These bottom of funnel campaigns drive the highest conversion rates by incentivizing repeat purchases and winning back lapsed customers.

HOLIDAY DIRECT MAIL MARKETING TIP: Use multi-touch to launch seasonal campaigns with QR codes that reach last year’s customers at the right time, with the right offer, and with a deal they can instantly grab from their phones.



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