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3 Direct Mail Campaigns to Crush the Holiday Season

2 Min Read
/ Sep 10, 2021
by Eric Vexelman

With the holidays just around the corner, here are 3 Direct Mail campaigns that will help you boost sales this holiday season.

1. Lookalike Campaign

GOAL: Attract New Costumers

IN A NUTSHELL: In this campaign, you model a lookalike audience from the best performing customer segments in your 1st party data set. Using this highly effective methodology, you’re able to identify potential customers that share similar characteristics to your existing customers.

WHY IT WORKS: Your customers buy your brand for a reason. It may satisfy a need, ease pain, or provide value to their lives. Likely, your brand will also be attractive to people who are similar to your existing customers—finding as many of those people as possible is a perfect way to drive growth during the holiday season.

HOLIDAY TIP: Every lookalike model leverages a seed audience (from your CRM) as well as a 3rd party data set. Run a pre-holiday campaign in Q3 or early Q4 to test different data sets and then double down on the best-performing one.


2. Website Retargeting Campaign

GOAL: Capture Interested Customers

IN A NUTSHELL: These highly effective campaigns allow you to mail customers who have visited your website. Mail identity resolution technology lets you target both logged-in and anonymous visitors.

WHY IT WORKS: These campaigns work so well because they give a meaningful nudge to customers who are already teetering towards purchasing. In addition, the Direct Mail format drives higher conversion rates than email, making this a particularly effective tactic for the holidays when email inboxes are overflowing.

HOLIDAY TIP: Leverage programmatic triggers to mail based on specific customer actions taken on your website. It’s a best practice to target customers who abandoned carts as well as those that visited more than one page on your website.



3. CRM Purchase Anniversary Campaign

GOAL: Re-engage customers who purchased last holiday season

IN A NUTSHELL: This is a bottom-of-the-funnel campaign that drives incredibly high conversion rates by motivating repeat purchases from existing customers. Leverage your CRM list to specifically target customers who purchased during the holidays last season.

WHY IT WORKS: More often than not, satisfied customers are willing to purchase again, and it’s a matter of finding the right time and proper way to engage. With customers exposed to an endless stream of digital ads every time they scroll their feed, Direct Mail is a great way to stand out and remind them of your products.

HOLIDAY TIP: Sub-segment your CRM to identify distinct audience personas. Postie’s machine learning algorithms can cluster your customers into unique segments. This will allow you to personalize your Direct Mail campaigns with tailored creative and promotional offers, increasing conversion rates.




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