The 2023 Holiday Marketing Playbook

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What's inside?
This years holiday season is shaping up to look a lot like last year, but what is changing and appears to be here to stay is the longer holiday season. While marketers are largely planning for Black Friday and Christmas, if last year is any indication, many brands start running promotions and holiday campaigns in October to get sales started even earlier. Stay ahead of your competition this year with trends, strategies and tactics on how to maximize your marketing strategy this season, and grow your Q4 revenue without cannibalizing your traditional holiday customers.

In this Holiday Marketing Playbook, you'll learn:
4 Holiday Shopping Trends You Can't Ignore
Find out how brands and retailers can have the best chance at winning this holiday season.
4 Strategic Holiday Marketing Campaign Takeaways
Walk away with actionable nuggets to help you reach your customers where they are, prioritize key metrics not impacted by evolving privacy controls, frame your products as needs not wants, and more.
3 Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns to Crush Your Goals
Learn how you can use direct marketing to attract new customers, reach higher conversion goals for on site visitors and re-engage last year’s holiday customers.
1 Holiday Direct Mail Timeline
Planning on running a Direct Mail campaign for the holidays? Use this tool to work backwards from your desired in-home date to be sure you'll nail the timing with your meticulous crafted holiday messaging.