Case Study
Apparel Retargeting

How an E-commerce Apparel Brand Complemented Their Marketing Mix with Direct Mail Retargeting

2 Min Read
/ Nov 29, 2020

The Digital Retargeting efforts for an Ecommerce Retailer client were not performing as well as desired.

The Challenge

Diversify their marketing mix and reach new customers without duplicating marketing efforts.

The Postie Solution

Client chose to implement Postie’s retargeting technology which analyzes site traffic for non-converting visitors over 48 hour periods.  Postie then matched non-converters to a home address and mailed out a physical mail piece with a unique identifier. This tech ran in real-time and was mailed every 24 hours throughout the life of the campaign. Non-converters received a mailpiece and within a 30-day window converted. The conversions were matched in real-time from the billing address at checkout to the home address where the mail piece was mailed.


Over 8 weeks the Postie platform tracked and presented results in real-time. With this particular client, the campaign continued to improve efficiency each day with the peak performance landing in between 30 – 45 days running.

Retargeting Campaign





Postie Features Used
Match Website Visits to Postal Addresses
Transform emails and anonymous website visits into postal addresses, augmenting and maximizing your existing 1st party CRM data & web traffic.
Personalize with Ease
Use dynamic text replacement to easily customize content & maximize personalization (e.g. customer names, individual promo codes).
See Results in Real-Time
See campaign performance and results in real-time through customizable KPI dashboards. Toggle views to gain further insights into top performing audiences, creative and consumer personas.
A Mind-Blowing Direct Mail Platform
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