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Retail Prospecting

How a Retail Brand Used First-Party Data for Prospecting

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Finding new customers in an oversaturated digital world is challenging for most brands. Struggling to get the attention of new prospects, this brand turned to performance direct mail as the solution.

The Challenge

Acquire new customers at a national scale outside of digital channels.

The Solution

The first step to finding new customers is by dissecting your current customer base. The brand started by integrating their CRM with Postie and identifying a seed audience of their best customers, characterized by high lifetime value and average order value. This seed audience helped pinpoint the ideal qualities of their best customers.

Using this seed audience, Postie built and tested look-a-like models through our robust Data Management Platform (DMP) and machine learning capabilities. This finely-tuned targeting strategy allowed Postie to identify those prospects that would be most likely to behave like the brand’s best customers.

The campaign was executed with personalized postcards reaching the identified look-a-like audiences. The selection of these audiences was based on the predictive scoring from the look-a-like models, ensuring that the mail reached individuals most likely to resonate with the brand and make a purchase.

The Results

By tapping into look-a-like audiences, the brand saw an impressive ROI on their first direct mail campaign. The brand is now able to scale their campaigns and direct mail investment with confidence. Blending traditional direct mail with contemporary data analytics and machine learning helped this brand achieve remarkable marketing results.

Out of this World Results


Peak Return on Ad Spend


Average Return on Ad Spend

Postie Features Used
Build Custom Audiences
Use industry leading data sets to build custom audiences from 1000s of demographic, transactional and behavioral attributes.
Identify New Customer Segments
Leverage machine learning to analyze 1st party CRM data and identify undetected customer segments. Mail these segments and use them to model new lookalike audiences.
Get Audience Portraits
Access in-depth audience profiles. Acquire a deeper understanding of your customers segments with detailed breakdowns of their most prevalent behavioral and demographic characteristics.
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