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How a B2B Company Danced Their Way Through an Overcrowded Market to Gain New Customer

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Marketing a SaaS product is just like a night out on the town: Fun at first, everyone is looking your way and making an effort to make sure they’re next up for a dance. Over time though, the dance floor gets a little crowded. Suddenly you realize you look oddly similar to other people on the floor – almost like they copied you – and it becomes harder to get anyone’s attention. This case study highlights a SaaS company in that exact situation. Early to market with a groovy team collaboration tool, it was originally easy to gain new customers. But as the market became saturated, finding those people wanting to dance wasn’t the easiest move to make.

The Challenge

Struggling to make an impact in the digital sphere, this B2B SaaS company feared there wasn’t a clear path to new customer acquisitions. Despite having a superior SaaS offering, the company knew that prospect’s email inboxes were overflowing, and traditional online strategies were losing their effectiveness. With so many competitors creeping onto the dance floor they were having a hard time standing out with the tactics that were traditionally working. Recognizing the need for a fresh and unconventional approach, the client sought a solution to engage their target audience more effectively and create lasting impressions. The B2B company reached out to Postie to explore how direct mail could help.

The Solution

Recognizing the need for a distinct approach, the B2B company decided to tap into the power of performance direct mail. They partnered with Postie to pilot a multitouch prospecting campaign. While staying true to their brand and digital messaging, the B2B company was able to apply the same look and feel, as well as similar targeting strategies, to a new marketing channel. With the help of the Postie Platform, the B2B SaaS company was able to strategically send to a targeted list of prospects, creating a tangible and memorable touchpoint in an increasingly digital world.

Finding the Right Targets

Very familiar with the idea of targeting prospects from their digital marketing endeavors, the B2B company was pleasantly surprised to see that prospecting for direct mail outreach, with the help of Postie, was more impressive. The Postie Platform was able to target those prospects most likely to convert using interest and behavioral data. Fine-tuning the prospecting list to include signs of a decision maker such as home value, household income, shopping patterns, and so much more, ensured the postcards were mailed to the appropriate targets within an organization. 

Multichannel Integration

As everyone familiar with a dance floor knows, incorporating different styles and moves is the best way to get noticed. The same was true for this B2B company and their marketing campaigns. The B2B SaaS company intelligently decided not to execute this direct mail campaign in isolation. By leaning into the advantages of an omnichannel approach, direct mail was integrated with other marketing channels, including email and social media, to create a cohesive and synchronized brand experience. Even though the B2B company was losing traction in the digital space, it would have been misguided to discontinue the strategy altogether given the behavioral patterns of their target audience.

The Results

Dancing their way back into the limelight, the B2B company stood out from their competitive set. Sometimes trying new marketing channels (or trying new dance moves) can feel overwhelming, but the rewards far outweigh the hesitation. During a single campaign within the pilot, the B2B company identified over 50% of their conversions as high-value targets, meaning those people more likely to continue using their SaaS product beyond the initial period. The B2B company saw impressive response and conversion rates, indicating that the new approach was resonating with their target audience. One campaign saw a conversion rate of 4.11%. And with a CPA of only $12, the investment in direct mail proved to be a worthy strategy.

A New Move for the Win


Cost Per Acquisition


High-Value Acquisitions


Conversion Rate

Postie Features Used
Build Custom Audiences
Use industry leading data sets to build custom audiences from 1000s of demographic, transactional and behavioral attributes.
Set Up Cross Channel Journeys
Enable automatic triggers for cross channel coordinated deployment between Postie and all other media channels (e.g. FB, Google, email).
Identify New Customer Segments
Leverage machine learning to analyze 1st party CRM data and identify undetected customer segments. Mail these segments and use them to model new lookalike audiences.
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