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The Power of Algorithms: Creating Highly Targeted Direct Mail Audiences

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by Amanda Boughey

You know those popups you see now on every website about cookies and third-party data? Or all those headlines you hear about Google and Facebook selling user data to advertisers? That data ends up in targeted marketing algorithms for personalized campaigns.

Algorithms help improve audience targeting by analyzing detailed data on consumer behavior, preferences, demographics, browsing histories, and purchase behaviors. This information is used to build precise consumer profiles and identify trends, allowing for the segmentation of audiences into groups with common characteristics. 

A good example of this in action is Spotify. The music service uses data-driven insights to tailor music recommendations to each listener’s unique tastes, which significantly boosts user engagement. Spotify’s algorithms are designed to adapt in real time. They also employ predictive modeling to anticipate future consumer actions, enabling marketers to adjust their strategies on the fly based on incoming data. 

Why Algorithms Outperform Traditional Targeting Methods

Traditional targeting methods often rely on broad demographic data and general assumptions about what might interest different groups of people. The result is a lack of precision that fails to connect with the target audience effectively.

Consider a traditional ad campaign targeting ‘suburban homeowners interested in home improvement.’ While this categorization might seem specific, it fails to consider deeper nuances such as budget constraints, style preferences, or even the type of home improvement projects preferred—like kitchen renovations versus landscaping. This lack of specificity can lead to misaligned messaging, resulting in lower engagement and less effective use of advertising spend

Algorithms are More Precise than Traditional Targeting Methods

Algorithms surpass traditional targeting methods in precision. They analyze real-time data from various sources like social media activity, browsing habits, and purchase history to build detailed profiles of consumers. This results in highly specific audience segments that go way beyond basic demographics. Instead of targeting “women aged 25-34,” algorithms can target “women aged 25-34 who have recently searched for fitness gear and have a history of buying organic products.” 

Netflix uses algorithms this way. Instead of simply suggesting popular shows to everyone, Netflix tailors recommendations to each viewer based on their unique watching habits and search history—even the times they prefer to watch. By analyzing this data, Netflix can offer highly personalized recommendations for each user. This level of detailed data analysis allows companies to create marketing campaigns that are far more relevant and engaging.

Algorithms Continually Adapt

Unlike traditional methods, which evolve as humans learn, machine learning algorithms continuously learn and adapt. As new data comes in, they tweak and optimize targeting strategies to improve performance. 

Look at Amazon. They analyze users’ browsing history, purchase patterns, and even how long they spend looking at specific items. Over time, the system gains a deeper understanding of each user’s preferences and continuously refines its recommendations. This real-time adjustment is something traditional methods simply can’t match.

The ability of algorithms to continuously adapt showcases how versatile they are. They’re able to anticipate change, making each interaction more precise and timely. As a result, they effectively deepen the connection with your audience.

The Role of Algorithms in Direct Mail

Algorithms used in performance direct mail marketing are no different. They’re automated data programs that help businesses swiftly process and extract meaningful insights from large datasets, insights that would otherwise remain hidden with manual analysis. It would be impossible for a human to sift through gigabytes of data for a single campaign, but algorithms are sophisticated enough to do it in just a few seconds.

It’s the same kind of stuff that happens at Facebook, X (Twitter) or Instagram, with each social network curating what you see based on what it knows about you. Every time you scroll through your social media feed, an algorithm is learning more about you and presenting what it thinks is the most engaging and relevant content you’ll enjoy. Everything you see when you scroll your feed is chosen by an algorithm, often in real time, with the latest information about you. 

Postie’s Unique Algorithm Development

At Postie, we don’t use any off-the-shelf algorithms. Instead, we craft custom algorithms tailored specifically for each client’s needs. This personalized approach is science married to art. The craft of fine-tuning algorithms to be uniquely effective for each client drives highly targeted results in our performance direct mail campaigns. 

Unlike others in the market, Postie steers clear of buying or using open-source algorithms. Open-source algorithms are great, but it’s hard to differentiate your services with them. We prefer to craft our solutions from the ground up so we can fine-tune every aspect to match your marketing goals and tackle the specific challenges and opportunities your data presents.

At Postie, each client benefits from our custom-built algorithms. Our solutions are developed to understand and predict the behaviors of your specific audience. Through advanced machine learning techniques, we analyze your CRM data to identify the most promising customers and the optimal timing for mailings, maximizing both engagement and ROI.

Additionally, Postie’s algorithms provide strategic insights that lead to significant increases in average order values (AOV) and returns on ad spend (ROAS). After each campaign, our algorithms improve their approach, refining the targeting precision and effectively reducing churn. They accomplish this by maintaining an engaging dialogue with your customers, continuously adapting to their responses and behaviors.

Our purpose-built algorithms distinguish themselves in a competitive landscape that often relies on simpler tools. Their complexity and precision make them an integral part of your marketing strategy, continuously learning and improving with each campaign. This learning capability enables them to consistently outperform competitor solutions. Let’s take a look at a case study.

Case Study: Boosting Revenue with a Customized Algorithm

Finding untapped revenue potential within a CRM can be daunting. An outdoor retail brand discovered how to transform overlooked customer segments into lucrative opportunities using Postie’s CRM Optimization engine. Faced with the challenge of integrating their internal algorithms with Postie’s tool to target customers with higher spending potential, they devised a more targeted approach. They compared segments identified by Postie’s tool against their own CRM segments and incorporated holdout segments to measure the campaign’s effectiveness. 

The results were remarkable: The CRM Optimization audience encouraged potential customers to respond and even engage at significantly higher levels. This targeted approach doubled the campaign’s reach and connected with customers who were more likely to make substantial purchases. This strategy led to a $200 increase in average order value (AOV) and an extraordinary 3951% return on ad spend (ROAS), outperforming traditional CRM targeting methods by threefold.

Step into the Future of Direct Mail with Postie

Discover how Postie’s innovative direct mail solutions can transform your marketing strategies. Our customly algorithms are meticulously designed to ensure your advertising campaigns are not only precisely targeted but also scalable and measurable. They’re crafted to harness the unique opportunities within your market and drive significant growth for your brand.

Start your journey with Postie today to maintain a competitive edge. Discover the transformative impact of our expertise in custom algorithms and see how it can elevate your marketing strategies to unprecedented levels. Let Postie be your guide in navigating the evolving world of direct mail, making every campaign smarter, more effective, and perfectly aligned with your long-term business objectives.

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