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Automation and Direct Mail: Streamlining Your Campaigns

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by Amanda Boughey

“Our primary aim was to transform direct mail to function like an online channel, and we’ve achieved this remarkably well. A significant part of our success stems from the fact that Postie isn’t just a printer. We are more than that; we are a data technology company.” — Sandy Brackbill, Operations Director at Postie.

It’s hardly a secret that the direct mail industry is undergoing a revival. Today’s consumers — deluged with thousands of monthly emails and social media ads — find direct mail much more appealing and approachable. It’s personalized, it’s timely, and it’s not on a screen. (It also has a 100% guaranteed open rate.)

A major part of direct mail personalization is the printing of mailers. How and where they’re printed has a direct effect on campaign efficiency and precision. That’s why Postie has an entire network of cloud-connected printers across the US. It gives our clients results they’ve never seen before. It’s also something you won’t see from our competitors because our approach is unique.

Let’s dive into the specifics of how our print cloud works and why it’s so freaking awesome.

Streamlining Operations with Cloud-Based Print Automation

Postie’s print cloud is built around a robust, intelligent printer network strategically placed in 15 parts of the country. Each location is important in the overall operation, with built-in tolerances and capabilities for immediate delivery to anywhere in the US.

We’ve spent years building strong partnerships with these print shops. We have the same consistent offering no matter where we print and can effortlessly scale our operations. Our partnerships are built on trust and cooperation, allowing us to keep a close eye on quality and materials before, during, and after a print job. Our printers know our standards and don’t mail anything that misses the mark.

This approach sets us apart from competitors, who often face delays with only one or two print locations. Unlike them, we don’t have to prioritize or stack-rank jobs due to location constraints. Our broad network allows us to handle jobs more efficiently, providing superior speed and flexibility. Consequently, our clients enjoy a service free from unnecessary delays and lengthy waits.

Optimizing Efficiency through Automation 

We automate as much as we can so we can manage high-volume direct mail campaigns. Our print jobs are automatically distributed to the best printers based on the geographic needs of the campaign. It’s not based on availability or printer capacity, either. Every print job is meticulously planned and our print cloud relationships ensure we’re able to get the prioritization and timely job completion we need. As a result, our printers are never overwhelmed and we keep a close eye on job distribution so we never step on our own toes.

Every campaign gets intelligently routed, similar to GPS-routing for print jobs. When a campaign spans multiple geographies, our system segments the job and allocates each part to the printer nearest its final destination. This significantly speeds up the printing process and reduces the travel time from printer to mailbox. As a result, print campaigns get their orders finished in days rather than weeks.

Quality Control in Automated Environments 

It can be challenging to achieve high-quality standards in highly automated environments. We’ve figured out how to get the most from our automation without sacrificing quality. We carefully blend advanced technology, stringent standards, and proactive quality assurance measures. Every printer in our network uses state-of-the-art printing technology, and the on-site print experts make sure our high standards are met for each piece of mail.

In practical terms, this means we won’t sacrifice quality with more affordable, lower-quality laser printing. Instead, we set strict standards for printing technology and paper quality, regardless of the campaign’s scale or complexity. It produces better work and makes it easy to transition between print shops. It also allows us to guarantee impeccable quality in every direct mail piece.

Yes, we use a lot of automation in our process, but we also use humans to make sure everything is going as expected. We conduct thorough checks at various stages of the printing process, including reviewing hard proofs post-printing. Postie employees also make regular visits to printer locations to check in on the work and the people who keep things humming along. This is how we consistently deliver superior results.

Adaptability to Changing Demands

Sometimes the market shifts quickly and we need to get a new campaign designed and delivered quickly. No problem!

We have enough built-in flexibility to make sure we can handle fluctuations in campaign volume, geographic focus shifts, or changes in printing requirements. We’ve been through enough to know what today’s needs typically look like and that tomorrow might present something completely different. We’re agile and care about customer satisfaction in every campaign.

Remember all those paper shortages during the pandemic? We never had a problem delivering on our campaigns. Between our automation, partnerships, print cloud capabilities, and in-depth supply chain knowledge, we never had to compromise on quality or timing. Our smart print automation and strategic planning can certainly outsmart the dynamic nature of market conditions and production needs.

The Disappearance of Direct Mail Constraints 

Print and direct mail used to be slow and rigid and lacked personalization. But that’s not the case anymore!

Postie has innovated beyond those old-school constraints. Now we have a dynamic and tailored approach to direct mail campaigns, thanks in large part to our print cloud. Yes, we go fast and can scale, but we think it’s just as important to be precise, relevant, and impactful to our customers’ marketing efforts.

Combining the power of our print cloud with cutting-edge data analytics, we’ve repeatedly demonstrated that direct mail is just as adaptive and influential as digital channels. We help our customers connect in a more meaningful and personal way with their audience, making a standout impression in an increasingly digital world.

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