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Ava, Bear, and Multi-Channel Marketing for the Win

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by Ambur Cole

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Multi-Channel Marketing Approach
Amplify Brand Awareness
Leverage the Power of an Omnichannel Strategy
Add Digital Direct Mail to Your Media Mix

The power of an emotional connection between people and brands is undeniable, and The Farmer’s Dog knows this well. Using a multi-channel marketing campaign that anchored on their Super Bowl commercial “Forever”, The Farmer’s Dog set the tone with a heartwarming story about Ava and her pup Bear — portraying the unbreakable bond between dog and owner, and how much of our lives we get to share with our furry friends. They closed with the tagline “Nothing matters more than more years together,” underscored by Lee Fields’ nostalgic track “Forever” and left us all reaching for a tissue.

Applying a Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

The commercial was an instant favorite, as most Super Bowl commercials featuring dogs usually are (Subaru and Budweiser come to mind). To continue the story however, The Farmer’s Dog took things one step further by launching a targeted multi-channel marketing campaign across digital, TV, and in-home to build on the emotional connection to the life we’re providing for our pets which includes shelter, exercise, socialization and of course, healthy, fresh-made nutrition courtesy of The Farmer’s Dog.

Amplifying Brand Awareness

So, specific audiences who visit their website after the commercial aired are now receiving additional brand touches in their mailboxes just a couple of days later, featuring several life-stage photos of our new favorite chocolate lab Bear. And it’s all automated, as part of their omnichannel retargeting strategy for new and existing customers. (Fun fact: Postie does this all day long for D2C brands — reach out for a demo if you’re interested!)

Leveraging the Power of an Omnichannel Strategy

This multi-channel campaign from The Farmer’s Dog is an example of the power that a unified message can have for brands. Because each marketing medium has different benchmarks for ad effectiveness, the savviest marketing teams consistently leverage the power of an omnichannel strategy. Email, digital, SMS, TV, radio, billboards, print… each of these carry different expectations for ROAS, CAC, CVR, CPL, Lift, and more; but all of them are critical for growing a brand through acquisition and retention strategies. And from the soulful lyrics of Lee Fields himself, we sing to our loved ones “I wanna hold you forever”, while The Farmer’s Dog sings those same words to their best customers (and their customers’ dogs).

Adding Digital Direct Mail to Your Media Mix

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