Data Science + Direct Mail: The Ultimate Guide to Enhancing Customer Relationships

Postie is the leading end-to-end
direct mail campaign platform,
steeped in data science and purpose-built
for empowering marketers with smarter
targeting, simpler execution and stronger
measurement. DTC brands and retailers
have run more than 33,000 campaigns
with Postie with an average ROAS of 1,382%.

What's inside?
A trusty guide to navigating the dark arts of data science + direct mail, this guide will walk you through the customer lifecycle, highlight where and why DM integrates seamlessly. Additionally we share actionable insights on how DM can enhance your customer relationships through segmentation, personalization, data enrichment, and more.

See what modern marketers are doing to seal consistent campaign success with their first-party data through real-world examples and success stories.
Direct mail and the customer journey
The foundation of any good marketing strategy is a solid understanding of your customer's journey. We'll show you where DM integrates seamlessly into that path and why it's effective.
How data helps build trust through DM
It's time to stop thinking of direct mail as a tactic and instead think of it as a data-driven strategy. Learn how to use your data to build a DM strategy that will uncover new insights about your CRM contacts, segment your CRM, and wield machine learning to layer on new rich new data sets to enhance campaign performance.
Data-driven customer insights for results-oriented marketing efforts
We're entering the first-party data (1PD) era and with it comes an adaption of marketing techniques. Effective DM campaigns leverage data you already have, enhanced by machine learning to reveal gems in your customers purchase behavior, preferences, and engagement patterns.
Segment your customer database to build stronger relationships
Segmentation has historically been done via demographic, geographic, and psychological characteristics. But segmentation has come a long way and here a Postie we do it a bit different.
Beyond first name personalization
Table-stakes first name personalization was a great start when we had less power to reveal unique audience insights. But now customers expect rich personalization and with custom audience clusters you can give it to them.