A Direct Mail
For Restaurant

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Postie is the leading end-to-end
direct mail campaign platform,
steeped in data science and purpose-built
for empowering marketers with smarter
targeting, simpler execution and stronger
measurement. DTC brands and retailers
have run more than 33,000 campaigns
with Postie with an average ROAS of 1,382%.

What's inside?
A step-by-step guide to creating a marketing campaign using
Direct Mail for restaurants, including a practical framework
for setting up Direct Mail campaigns, examples of creating
marketing campaigns using Direct Mail for restaurants,
and easy-to-apply tips like:
Tips for Audience Building
How to find new and existing customers that enhance
conversion rates through direct marketing.
Tips for Promotional Offers
We offer insights on how to offer promotions through
postcard marketing for restaurant owners.
This information will help you decide between
offering prospective customers a percentage
or dollar discount in restaurant marketing.
Tips for A/B Testing
When you choose digital direct mail for restaurants,
you can shift swiftly for the best creative images,
product messaging, coupon codes, offers and personalization
for your targeted mailing list. We also offer best practices for
setting up testing matrices and what variables to focus
on for those in the restaurant business.

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