The 2024 New Year New You Campaign Guide

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Postie is the leading end-to-end
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What's inside?
It's a new year, a fresh start for you and your customers. Take advantage of this annual surge in motivation and spending by running a New Year New You campaign to retarget those anonymous website visitors, win back those lapsed customers, or reward your most loyal customers with exclusive discounts.

In this guide we will walk you through 5 best practices with real-world examples on how to run a knock-out New Year New You Campaign.
Convert CRM Leads to Customers
Did you know your CRM likely has as many as 7 distinct buyer profiles who will react differently to different messages during NYNY? Uncover you buyers and build tailored campaigns to their profiles.
Reach audiences outside of digital channels, no cookies needed
Protect your brand's financial health by diversifying your marketing mix. An unsustainable reliance on performance channels with fluctuating pricing, decreased performance, and underpinned by a technology that is being deprecated might not be the wisest path forward.
Capitalize on your Black Friday / Cyber Monday crowd
Ride the coattails of you holiday campaigns and implement a multi-touch approach to keep the communication going and your engaged customers spending.
Optimize the LTV of your CRM
Review your customer transactional and CRM data to build campaigns around spending trends you're seeing. It's easier and most importantly cheaper to keep those repeat customers coming back again and again.
Harness your retrospective data for the coming year
Use our NYNY campaign to-do list to get started on reviewing your omni-channel campaign data to uncover actionable insights.