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Building Credibility: How Direct Mail Works Alongside Digital Marketing

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by Amanda Boughey

Remember when getting an email felt special? It was a novelty, a digital letter just for you. Now, our inboxes overflow with unread messages, many unopened. Email’s shift from novelty to nuisance mirrors a larger trend in the digital age: the struggle to build trust through screens. 

Popular wisdom says digital is king; everything must be online to be relevant. But here’s the problem: not everything digital breeds trust. In fact, in our digitally-saturated world, direct mail continues to gain trust. Direct mail is a trusted channel that’s been around for decades, it’s tangible and provides a personal touch that’s hard to replicate online. In our daily routine, where digital overload is common, direct mail resonates with authenticity. 

Digital Fatigue is on the Rise

Few people really love digital ads. Even digital marketers are getting digital ad fatigue—unless they’re using ad blockers. Digital ads are no longer the apple of every marketer’s eye, becoming more like that overplayed song you can’t escape. They’re everywhere, and even the creators are hitting ‘skip’.

Digital marketers may look on with dismay, but buyers are seeing right past those digital ads like they’re invisible. In the marketing world, this is known as “banner blindness”. A study by Infolinks in 2013 revealed that 86% of internet users experience banner blindness. Both of these reports are old, but we all know the trends in digital advertising; we hear the complaints when we’re at dinner with our friends and family. It’s likely this percentage has increased. 

However, “invisibility” may not be enough. To reduce their ad intake, 42% of internet users worldwide have turned to using ad blockers. People aren’t just ignoring ads–they’re actively avoiding them. The alternative is to drown in a sea of online ads, emails, and pop-ups. Americans feel overwhelmed by the amount of information they’re bombarded with. It’s no wonder they’re tuning out.

Direct Mail as a Channel

Direct mail has been making a comeback. Its surge makes sense considering our digital ad overload. Receiving something in the mail now offers a unique contrast to the constant digital bombardment we experience every day. Direct Mail’s resurgence is particularly notable among younger generations. According to a Statista survey, a surprising 65% of Gen Y and 57% of Gen Z report feeling excited about receiving direct mail, indicating these tech-savvy generations’ appreciation for physical mail.

It’s easy to see how direct mail resonates, especially with younger audiences. Its distinct approach comes alive in various ways, each adding to its charm and effectiveness:

  • Creative format: Direct mail allows for creative formats and messages to stand out. A recent study found that unique and high-quality direct mail achieves a 4.4% average response rate compared to 0.12% for email
  • Physical touch: Direct Mail is also physical, something you can touch and feel. Think about it: when was the last time a digital ad made a lasting impression? Direct mail does that. It’s personal, and in a digitally saturated world, that resonates
  • Lasting impression:. It’s not just about being different; it’s about creating a lasting impression. The shift is supported by research, like a study from Canada Post, which revealed that direct mail captures attention 118% longer and enhances brand recall by 29% more than digital ads

More marketers are realizing the advantage direct mail has and are returning to the channel due to its unique ability to connect with people on a different level. 

Integrating Performance Direct Mail with Digital Strategies 

Blending direct mail with digital strategies is the perfect omnichannel approach. The idea is to marry the hands-on feel of direct mail with digital’s instant connection. It’s a smart move for companies. Instead of bombarding people with messages; they carefully craft a story that flows from their mailboxes to their screens. In the process, they boost trust and show they really get their audience. 

By sending a direct mail piece at the same time you start targeting someone with digital ads, you’re going to stay top of mind. Employing this approach does more than just catch someone’s eye; it makes the entire customer journey smooth and connected. You could say it’s like playing a tune with different instruments, each part of your campaign – the mail and the digital – works together to create a richer experience. 

While digital marketing is essential, its real power is unlocked when combined with direct mail. Putting this combo together allows you to cover all bases, reaching people online and offline. Instead of choosing one over the other, a blended campaign lets you use both to their fullest potential and truly engage your audience. 

Building Trust through Transparency

In the realm of marketing, especially when partnering with tech companies, the role of transparency in building trust is key. Clients want reassurance that their investments are well-placed and effective. Performance direct mail really shines here, offering features like:

  • Real-time insights: Clients have access to dashboards for immediate campaign performance data, witnessing the impact as it unfolds
  • Data transparency: Keeping clients informed on data usage, ensuring trust and security in data handling
  • Open communication: Regular updates maintain a partnership atmosphere, boosting client confidence in the marketing process
  • Accountability: Transparent practices allow clients to directly see how their investments influence campaign results, enhancing accountability

On top of all these transparent practices, it’s also important to work hand-in-hand with clients. It’s more than just showing clients numbers and graphs; it’s about having them on board right from the start, crafting strategies together, and keeping the conversation going. It’s a shared journey – their input and our expertise, meshing together. Working this way, everyone’s on the same page, and it’s this kind of teamwork that really brings a marketing campaign to life.

Future Proofing Your Strategy

Putting it all together, direct mail stands out as a trust-building tool. It’s tangible and personal, contrasting the digital overload and ad fatigue prevalent today. Younger generations find excitement in direct mail, valuing its physical and creative aspects. Additionally, its effectiveness is proven in higher attentional-capture and brand recall than digital ads. 

Merging direct mail with digital strategies for an omnichannel approach takes this effectiveness to the next level. Think of it as blending the best of both worlds-–the personal touch of direct mail with the speed and reach of digital channels. The combo makes your marketing strategy more resilient, adaptable, and ready for whatever the future throws at it. It keeps you connected with your audience, no matter where they are or how trends shift. So, by going omnichannel, you’re not just keeping up; you’re staying ahead of the game.

How to Get Started with Performance Direct Mail Today 

Marketing’s future is all about being smart with data, getting personal, and always staying a step ahead. It’s crucial that your partners are on the same page, pushing boundaries just like you are. Don’t just follow trends, be the one setting them. A killer strategy is to mix the classic appeal of direct mail with an omni-channel approach. Companies are realizing this mix is a dynamic powerhouse in marketing

If you’re ready to level up your marketing, check out Postie. We’re blending the charm of direct mail with the efficiency of digital technology, expanding your marketing reach and enhancing your audience engagement. Join the ranks of forward-thinking companies and start crafting a future-ready marketing strategy with Postie today.

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