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Success Story: Digital Direct Mail for Broadband and Internet Service Provider Companies

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by Amanda Boughey

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With countless internal tracking documents, management of multiple vendor relationships, and relying on manual data processes to identify target houses while also suppressing audiences, running a direct mail campaign can feel like a full-time job. Traditional direct mail only allows for a small window of A/B testing, usually focused on creative assets, and doesn’t leave a lot of room for smart campaign execution. When it comes to Internet Service Providers (ISP) and the large number of campaigns you have running at all times, this process needs automation. You need a digital platform to run your direct mail campaigns so you can do more, smarter. Enter Postie: the digital direct mail platform built for modern businesses. 

Postie is the Answer

Postie is a data technology company that has transformed direct mail, supercharging it with digital targeting and measurement capabilities. In doing so, Postie has empowered direct mail with Smarter Targeting, Simpler Execution, and Stronger Measurement, unleashing the medium’s potential and unlocking hidden growth for our clients. 

Smarter Targeting

Want to mail to a particular service area? 

Geotargeting direct mail is a crucial part of ISP campaigns. Being able to target homes in a particular service area, while also suppressing addresses of current customers is something Postie can do in its sleep. With a few clicks of the campaign setup process you can target around zip code, storefront locations, and more to make sure you’re sending tailored messages to people in the exact area where your ISP operates.

Working on an upsell campaign for faster speed?

Integrating CRM data into the Postie platform allows you to mail your existing customers with customized offerings. Our integrations are easy to manage, with tutorial videos right on the platform to get you up and running with ease. Plus, our robust client success team can help along the way. Once your CRM is integrated, the fun can begin. A/B test an offer of 20% off vs. one month free. The winner will be established in weeks, providing you real-time data to help you strategize how to upsell even more.

Looking to take advantage of your website visits?

Adding a pixel to your page helps take advantage of website visits, and gives you the opportunity to be super granular. It’s easy to set up a trigger campaign for visitors to a certain page, or to individuals who have spent a decent amount of time on your website. Trigger campaigns are quick and easy, with postcards hitting homes a few days after their website visit. And one of the best parts? You can leave these campaigns running for as long as you’d like. Just set it and forget it, knowing that interested prospects are receiving second-touch postcards when it matters most.

Want to target movers? What about people displaying behavior of an upcoming move?

You read that right. Not only can Postie target people who have just moved, but our machine learning can also identify who will be moving soon. This allows you to send a postcard before they leave their current home. Since many movers already have their new ISP selected before they make the transition to their new home, this extra touch point is crucial to maintaining and growing your customer base.

Curious about targeting audiences that behave like your current customers?

Say no more. Postie’s Lookalike audiences have you covered. By using your CRM data, our algorithms can identify the households most likely to find your particular product offering intriguing, leading to a higher amount of conversions. Our lookalike audiences go beyond a basic algorithm with a simple list comparison. Our models have been learning and growing for years, making our lookalikes exponentially more likely to fit your target audience.

Simpler Execution

It’s easy to make things complicated; it’s much harder to make complicated things easy. At Postie, we simplify marketers’ jobs by untangling one of the most complex marketing channels and empowering Postie UI users to launch advanced direct mail campaigns in under 10 clicks. Whether you’re creating a one-time campaign around a geo-targeted area, or you want an always-on campaign for new movers, the process is the same.

 Select Targeting capabilities, name a campaign, choose the deployment date, apply desired filters, select the creative, define the budget, and then simply click submit – that’s it. Say goodbye to manual steps and free up your time to be creative with even more campaigns.

Stronger Measurement

Once campaigns are up and running, ISPs will want to know how their campaigns are performing. Luckily, the Postie UI is an easy place to see campaign metrics both at-a-glance and in detail. Real-time results, as direct mail hits homes, can be viewed and dissected so marketers can quickly report on success and plan adjustments for future campaigns. Postie’s audience secrets provide details around Reach, ROAS, Conversions, and Revenue. 

Need More Proof?

Working hand-in-hand with our ISP clients, Postie has landed on the moon. From the ultimate testing, to taking advantage of multiple targeting capabilities, to trusting the simplified execution process, ISPs have seen amazing results. 

Here’s a list of humblebrag moments with some of our top-tier ISP clients:

  • Postie is 4x cheaper than traditional digital channels to secure a qualified lead
  • Two-thirds of marketing-driven leads are attributed to Postie
  • Cost-per-lead averages $115 after six weeks of running a campaign
  • Savings of $1.2M a year by adding strategic rest periods without sacrificing performance
  • 86% lift over long-term hold out, 21% lift with more frequent touches over long-term hold out
  • +60 hrs shaved against monthly processes
  • Mail delivered in as little as 3 days from campaign creation
  • 1.56% CVR prospecting new households

Postie is purpose-built for ISPs. Our capabilities will help you achieve amazing results while also simplifying your entire direct mail strategy. The time of direct mail being a laborious part of your marketing stack needs to come to an end. Don’t get left in the dust. Start taking advantage of automated direct mail. What are you waiting for? Get Postie Today!

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