It’s the simple way to manage
direct mail marketing

Postie uses digital technology to simplify direct mail making your
job easier, your results better, and you looking smarter!

Simplified Campaign

Imagine if it was as easy to manage direct
mail campaigns as social, search and email.

Organize your creatives, audiences and campaigns in a single digital platform. Keep track of your historic tests and results. Increase your marketing team’s collaboration and engagement for better results.

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Deployment Speed

Imagine if direct mail campaigns could be
deployed as quickly as digital media.

Deploy campaigns within 24 hours and accelerate your ability to increase performance. Optimize campaigns daily and rapidly test your new ideas.

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Get Results Better

Imagine if each campaign you deployed got
better results than the previous one.

Unlock the full potential of your data by using web, mobile, and customer features to target the right people with the right content at the right time. Access identity matching technology and deep micro data to understand your segments and audiences. Reach look-alikes audiences and optimize audiences based on actual response and conversion data.

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More accurate measurement

Image if you could see accurate campaign
results in real-time.

Measure response, roas and cpa in real-time across every campaign. Access cohort views, and break down campaign performance by audience segment and creative to understand exactly what tests are delivering your results.

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