The perfect media channel

Would reach your entire addressable market, effectively engage
customers through the full lifecycle, and provide accurate data to

help you optimize performance.

Your messages would always get delivered, costs wouldn’t
increase with volume and open rates would always be 100%.

Postie will help you make this channel
a reality with direct mail.


Reach your entire addressable market with
relevant and personalized content.

The two key targeting questions are who and when. When you answer both of these questions your marketing campaigns deliver amazing results. Postie’s data management platform gives you direct access to the demographic, interest and behavioral data across over 320 million people. We use a full stack machine learning engine to help you create deep look-alike models and custom audiences to help you reach your quantitative marketing objectives.

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Hidden within your website visitor logs are high value prospects and tons of valuable insights. Site behavior tells you a lot about a specific visitor’s purchase intent. However, while some visitors are highly engaged prospects, not all visitors are there for the same reason. Postie bridges the gap between anonymous site visitors and detailed portrait of who each visitor is and why they’re on your site. Postie’s real-time decision engine allows you to deploy direct mail trigger campaigns to high converting segments and get the most efficiency from your prospects.

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Tap into your own data to maximize
customer engagement and revenue.

Postie integrates with virtually all CRMs, Websites, and mobile applications making it simple for you to gain deep insights into your customer and leads. Personalizing communication is the most effective strategy for changing consumer behavior, driving engagement and increasing conversion. Postie makes it easy to segment your CRM, personalize your messaging, and optimize campaigns.

Postie’s marketing automation tools make it easy to target based on attributes, look-alike models and even online behavioral events. Create real-time trigger campaigns or dedicated time-specific deployments. Set up campaigns in just minutes and start sending effective mail in days!

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Automate win-back campaigns to
re-capture lost revenue.

You work so hard acquiring new customers and driving first time purchases. Isn’t it frustrating when that new customer disappears and never purchases again? Direct mail is incredibly effective at reengaging lapsed customers and recovering lost revenue. It’s even better when you use automation and prediction to reach the right lapsed customers at the right time. Postie’s Trigger Platform uses a rules based algorithm to deploy the right mail creative, to the right customers at the most optimal time.

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