E-commerce & Retail Men’s Apparel Company

Men's apparel company, who combines east coast prep with west coast casual looked at direct mail as a fresh channel to test.

They were struggling with their digital efforts in reengaging site visitors and wanted to test a new channel to better engage these non converters

Campaign Goal

Re-engage site visitors who have not converted

The Postie Solution

Client uploaded a list of non converting site visitors and Postie then matched the list to physical home addresses and mailed out a 5x7 postcard.

The client tested one creative and ran a site wide sale for 5 days.

With Postie’s simplified campaign management dashboard, the advertiser was able to analyze performance as data came through in real time. With real time results, the advertiser was able to receive quick learnings at both the audience and creative level.

Campaign Results

A key platform feature that allowed for deeper optimizations, was the ability to download a detailed report of the attributed campaign transactions throughout the duration of the campaign window.

Site Visitors CRM Campaign