E-commerce & Retail Apparel Company

A performance apparel company was seeking ways to "win back" lost customers who had lapsed over various time periods.

They decided to utilize Direct Mail as they felt it could be a powerful tool to engage with lapsed customers and drive a higher response rate.  Others digital channels such as email, did not drive a high response or "open rate". The client was not able to convey their message and their brand in the correct way, as creativity was limited.

Campaign Goal

Lapsed Customer CRM Campaign

The Postie Solution

Ability to use a more "tailored approach" when it came to building and testing creatives. Advertiser ran a creative A/B test where they had multiple creatives, with competing offers, catered to each audience segment. With Postie’s simplified campaign management dashboard, the advertiser was able to organize the competing audience segments and creatives into one single campaign. This allowed a simultaneous view on performance as the data came in real-time.

By utilizing Postie’s simple campaign management tool, the advertiser was able to receive quick learnings at the audience and creative level. The simplicity of the platforms’ attribution tool, allowed the Advertiser to easily determine the creative/offer winner and use that as a control in future tests. 

Campaign Results

The platform also allowed for further optimization, by giving the Advertiser the ability to download a detailed report of the campaign transactions throughout the duration of the campaign window.

CRM Campaign


Overall Lift