High-end luxury shoe brand

Trailblazing luxury footwear brand leverages Postie to not only gain new customers, but elevate thoughtful, empowering brand statement within a highly discerning market.

Founded by an incredibly successful and innovative fashion icon, this eponymous, brand has expanded rapidly thanks to a forward-thinking, direct-to-consumer business model. Core to the business, sprouting directly from the founder, is a message of women’s empowerment, which can be found in its confident and bold design work. While using the traditional marketing channels, it leans heavily into a strong social media presence and celebrity product usage to drive traffic and conversions.

Campaign Goal

Finding new growth mediums that allow the brand to easily translate its powerful messaging and beautiful imagery into both successful sales outcomes and strong consumer awareness.

The Postie Solution

Traditional direct mail solutions have been a familiar awareness tool for apparel brands, but this brands desire for highly-targeting campaigns and measurable outcomes is what drew our client to the unique Postie offerings. Using data science and technology usually only reserved for digitally-native channels, Postie would be able to fulfill its performance and brand objectives simultaneously.

In an effort to continue its high-growth trajectory, the partner chose to utilize Postie’s prospecting engine. The brand was shocked that within minutes of signing into its account and uploading a list of its best customers, Postie returned a look-alike audience of in-market prospective new customers who statistically matched the behaviors and interests of its own best customer. At its fingertips was a DMP surpassing 250 million consumers - each of which contributes to thousands of detailed attributes, assuring the client of a hyper-qualified audience.

Using Postie’s creative tools and product expertise, the client crafted a particularly impressive set of ads, staying true to its values of beautiful imagery and emboldened messaging. Taking full advantage of a Postie platform that was built for dynamic testing, the brand chose to A/B test multiple variations of its ads. With an interface designed with digital marketers in mind, and a creative cloud comprising of some of the best printers around the country, Postie was able to deliver hard-copy artwork to our client for approval within hours of upload.

After simply appending the standard conversion pixel, available in the Postie UI, the campaign was ready to deploy. In the time it takes advertisers to set up self-serve digital initiatives, a direct mail channel was set up from audience creation to tech implementation to creative printing. The only effort from then on was watching conversion counts rise – in real time.

Campaign Results

With a target CPA of $235, the campaign greatly exceeded expectations. The ease-of-use and (importantly) the quantitative results of the campaign validated the Postie advantage and set the stage for a continued and expanded partnership.

Prospecting Campaign