Natural foods E-commerce company

Category dominant, e-commerce retailer uses Postie to introduce new product line, sees 200% return on investment.

This mission-based subscription commerce company has a proven history blending strong content marketing with data driven performance media to fuel its category leading growth. Headquartered in California, the company promotes healthy living & social consciousness, amplified through a carefully tailored educational & influencer-driven brand story – all strengthened with traditional social, search, and online programmatic media buys.

Campaign Goal

Successfully launch an important new product category to their subscriber base and drive immediate trial adoption by using direct mail to supplement their dwindling email open rates.

The Postie Solution

Looking to broaden its strong retention and CRM tactics, the client turned to Postie’s direct mail solution. Having limited experience in the channel (but high expectations nonetheless), our partner was drawn to Postie’s ability to rapidly build targeted campaigns and attain attribution data in real-time. They would only engage in the DM channel if it could accurately measure results and gain learnings, similar to its online initiatives.

Using Postie’s dynamic user interface, the client was easily able to accommodate different test strategies to create multivariate campaigns: one targeting current subscribers with specific interests around the new product category, and one appealing to lapsed customers regarding general new offerings. Doing so would allow them to critique performance concurrently in real-time, and subsequently make agile optimizations – an unheard-of concept in DM prior to Postie.

Leveraging our creative templates and best practices for assistance, the team was able to conveniently convert and upload existing digital imagery into engaging artwork in a matter of minutes. No sale, no offer code – just eye-catching product assortments and educational content core to the brand’s success. Within 1 business day, our client had proofs of their finished postcards in their hands.

The final steps were equally as painless: uploading target audiences and implementing our conversion pixel. Both functionalities can be performed with a click of a button within the Postie UI, making our client’s experience as friendly as any digital channel. No need for lists or unique URLS – they would now be able to target and track seamlessly.

Campaign Results

Having never gotten better than 73% ROAS and $87 CPA across any digital channel for similar launches, their set stretch goals were set at 100% ROAS and $60 CPA. The client was ecstatic to achieve performance of more than 2x their goals.

Retention Campaign






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Reengagement Campaign






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