E-commerce & Retail Accessories Brand

A fairly new and unique e-commerce accessory brand wanted to expand their customer base and reach new customers without having to come up with a complicated marketing strategy

They decided to utilize Direct Mail and more specifically Postie’s data management platform, which gives clients access to the demographic, interest and behavioral data across millions of people

Campaign Goal

Use LAL modeling technology was the perfect way to find new customers for their functional products

The Postie Solution

Ability to easily build the perfect LAL model, using a customer seed file and matching those features to target the right people within their target audience.

Allowed for an additional layer of demographic targeting by layering on an addressable market to hit customers located around their retail store locations by using zip code radius targeting.

By utilizing Postie’s simplified campaign management tool, the advertiser was able to receive quick learnings at the audience and creative level.

The 6x9 postcard size allowed the Advertiser to display a variety of their products, using beautiful lifestyle and product based imagery.

Campaign Results

2 LAL Audiences. One for a nationwide campaign and the other using an addressable market to reach customers near the retail locations. 70% of conversions made within the first 2 weeks of mailers being "in home"

New Acquisition Campaign