Food Delivery Company

A food delivery company in California had capped out their net new prospecting audience and were at the time unable to extend to new markets

Searching for a way to find new acquisitions instead of touching households multiple times

Campaign Goal

Generate a win-back program that was always on and pushed transactions to their owned and operated e-commerce funnel

The Postie Solution

New Mover is a Postie tactic that compiles everyone who has submitted a National Change of Address to the US postal system in the last 30, 60, or 90 days

This food delivery company utilized the New Mover tactic to reach households new to their delivery area and introduce them to their food delivery service thus reaching a new audience in an otherwise capped market

Over 6 weeks the Postie platform tracked and presented results in real time. With this particular client, the campaign continued to improve efficiency each day with the peak performance landing in between 20 - 45 days and particular segments showing incredible performance within the first 5 days in home. Ultimately, the client was very happy as their revenue and CPA goals were met month after month.

Campaign Results

Households that had recently moved within an addressable market received a mailpiece with a special new customer promotion and within a 30 day window converted. The conversions were matched in real time from the billing address at checkout to the home address where the mailpiece was mailed.

CRM Campaign