Skincare E-commerce company

Big box Beauty retailer leverages Postie’s data science prospecting solution, garners 500% ROAS

This industry-leading beauty & personal care retail brand leans heavily on a quantitative marketing approach to showcase its professionally vetted assortment of products and SKUs. It regularly accessed behavioral models to acquire customers at the right time in the purchase funnel, and subsequently uses data-driven relationship-building techniques to extend lifetime value thereafter.

Campaign Goal

Launch new customer acquisition channel through behavioral modeling competitive with existing digital efforts.

The Postie Solution

Postie’s infrastructure, rooted in deep data science and artificial intelligence, was naturally appealing to the company. A quant solution to offline growth acquisition, our lookalike modeling engine and machine stack allowed our client to simply upload its best performing customer segments and create audience pools that mimic them – all in minutes.

This is made possible through our internal DMP, consisting of thousands of precise behavioral and consumer attributes related to over 250 million households. Our partner’s customer list was validated, analyzed, and subsequently matched with an audience that statistically mirrored their own. They, and all of our clients, are then able to see these attributes in a customized Audience Portrait Analysis, available in their Postie UI.

Using the best-practice templates available to them in the UI, the client was then able to quickly parlay their digital work into vivid, print-ready pieces. Showcasing imagery of the reputable brands available in their collection, coupled with an appealing but competitive promotion, these creatives were quickly uploaded and on our partners’ desks for approval within 2 business days.

After simply appending the transaction pixel available to them in their Postie account, our client is set up to retrieve attribution data in real-time, and the campaign is sent to Postie print cloud to deploy.

Campaign Results

The lookalike campaign outperformed all pre-campaign KPI thresholds and resulted in continued and expanded usage of our proprietary engine. 1.3 ROAS

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